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Adnan Sami hits back at trolls questioning his loyalty to motherland

Pakistani singer Adnan Sami, who got Indian citizenship a few years back, clapped back at Pakistani trolls questioning about his father and his loyalty to his "motherland".

ANI | Updated: 15-08-2019 23:32 IST | Created: 15-08-2019 23:32 IST
Adnan Sami hits back at trolls questioning his loyalty to motherland
Adnan Sami (Image Courtesy: Instagram). Image Credit: ANI

Pakistani singer Adnan Sami, who got Indian citizenship a few years back, clapped back at Pakistani trolls questioning about his father and his loyalty to his "motherland". It all started on Wednesday when Pakistan was celebrating its Independence Day and a user tagged the singer in his tweet asking, "Why don't you tweet for Independence Day?"

Adnan responded to the tweet saying, "I will... Tomorrow!" The trollers didn't limit themselves to this but went a step ahead calling him unfaithful to his motherland -- Pakistan.

"Can You imagine that up to what extent those people are sick, that they are honouring a man who didn't proved faith-full to his mother-land . How could he prove to be loyal to the country against which his father fought war," a user tweeted. "Really... Jinnah was not faithful to his motherland... What should we call him then?" was Adnan's reply.

And as the mention of his father came in, another user asked, "When was your father born and died??" "My father was born in 1942 in India & died in 2009 in India!!! Next!" he replied back.

While trolls don't seem to have any limits, the 'Tera Chehra' singer answered back maintaining his cool. One user challenged him to comment on Kashmir issue to which he firmly asserted that, "Sure, Kashmir is an integral part of India. Don't poke your nose in things that do not belong to you!"

While many of the tweets that Adnan responded to were no longer available, he seemed to be taking a jibe at a user's comment who wrote, "We got rid of you" to which his response was "No you didn't ... I walked out." This isn't the first time that he gave befitting replies to trolls. The singer back in February this year hit back at trolls who had been speaking out against India's airstrike across the LoC.

Adnan got back at the trolls saying, "Dear Pak trolls, It's not about your egos being given a reality check today; it's about eliminating terrorists who you 'claim' are also your enemies! Your Ostrich mentality is laughable. By the way, your abuses expose your reality and therefore the only difference between you and a bucket of rubbish is the bucket!" (ANI)



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