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Camila Cabello opens up about her feelings for Shawn Mendes in new song

Cuban-American singer Camila Cabello opened up about her first date with Canadian singer, Shawn Mendes in San Francisco at an event in Los Angeles over the weekend.

Camila Cabello opens up about her feelings for Shawn Mendes in new song
Shawn Mendes and Camilia Cabello. Image Credit: ANI

Cuban-American singer Camila Cabello opened up about her first date with Canadian singer, Shawn Mendes in San Francisco at an event in Los Angeles over the weekend. The 'Senorita' singer denied her feelings for her boyfriend Mendes months before the pair became official, even after they were spotted kissing in San Francisco. But, in her latest work, the singer opens up about their relationship, reported 'People' magazine.

Mendes confirmed in October that the two had officially started dating on the July 4. During a show in Los Angeles on Saturday night, Cabello gave fans a first listen of her upcoming third album, 'Romance'.

The 22-year-old singer, while discussing her new music, detailed the various milestones of her journey to falling in love with Mendes, though she never referred to him by name. Before introducing the song, she said "Oh God, I'm so nervous about this next song because I've never sung this before," 'Used to This', is the track which is about accepting the idea of actually being in love.

The 'Havana' singer, while on stage, revealed that she was planning to go to San Francisco to visit a boy, presumably Mendes, the next day. But the studio lost power as she was recording, so she "went to San Francisco to see the subject of the song." And that's where the pair was first spotted kissing, and that made fans freak out over the couple's budding romance.

"Basically I had this lyric called, 'It's gonna take me a minute, but I could get used to this,' and the song is basically about like when you're friends with somebody for a really long time, and you know someone for a really long time, and then you start dating them, and then you're like, 'Oh my God, like this is so weird,' 'cause like, you've been my friend forever. But I like it -- and I could get used to this." Fans applauded quickly when Cabello sang the lyrics, "No, I never liked San Francisco, never thought it was nothing special, 'till you kissed me there."

The crowd got overexcited when she sang, "No, I never liked windy cities, but I think maybe when you're with me, I like everywhere." The song goes on to say, "No, I never did like tequila, but there's something about when I see you, I think I need a drink."

Cabelo while expressing her emotions, said that she felt more like a painter than a songwriter while writing the track. "That was the last song that I wrote for my album and that was the end chapter of Romance." The 22-year-old said, "When you're a songwriter, you're like trying to write a great song. You're trying to write a great melody, great lyrics," she explained. "When you're a painter, you're just seeing a moment and trying to put it into sound. You're trying to paint a picture of it with sound, and I feel like in this song I really was a painter for that moment."

'Used to This' is one of the many love songs the singer will release on the album 'Romance', a word she felt was perfect to name her album. While giving an account of naming the album, Cabello said, "I think I just knew that I wanted it to be called Romance because I just want my life album to be called romance," she said. "It's not just really about falling in love, even though that was definitely what inspired it. It was, you know, kind of being in my first serious relationship and just learning -just loving and being loved as opposed to kind of crushing from far away." (ANI)

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