MP: Diesel crosses Rs 100 per litre-mark, petrol over Rs 111 in Bhopal, Indore

PTI | Bhopal/Indore | Updated: 05-10-2021 15:46 IST | Created: 05-10-2021 15:29 IST
MP: Diesel crosses Rs 100 per litre-mark, petrol over Rs 111 in Bhopal, Indore
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Diesel prices crossed the Rs 100 per liter mark in Bhopal and Indore on Tuesday, while the petrol rates went over Rs 111 per liter in the two major cities of Madhya Pradesh, as rates were increased again after international oil prices hit the highest mark since 2014.

In the state capital Bhopal, the price of diesel reached Rs 100.1 per liter, while petrol stood at Rs 111.10 per liter, Ajay Singh, the president of Petrol Pump Dealers Association (PPDA), told PTI.

Among other parts of the state, the price of diesel in Balaghat district was at Rs 101 per liter, he said. In the industrial hub of Indore, the price of diesel reached Rs 100.11 per liter after registering an increase of 32 paise and the petrol rate went up to Rs 111.18 per liter after a 26 paise hike, was stated. This is for the first time that the diesel price has crossed the Rs 100 per liter mark in Indore, claimed Paras Jain, the vice-president of Madhya Pradesh Federation of Petroleum Dealers Association.

Jain, who has been running a petrol pump for decades, recalled that at one time, diesel was sold at Rs 1.61 per liter in 1977. However, PPDA president Ajay Singh said there was a scope for a reduction in fuel prices in the state. ''The Centre realizes a fixed amount of tax on per liter fuel irrespective of the prices. However, the state government charges Value Added Tax (VAT) on a percentage basis. So, the state has a scope to reduce it," Singh said.

The present hike is a fallout of the rise in crude oil prices in the international market, he said.

Some consumers expressed unhappiness over the fuel price hike and its constant upward trend.

''I don't understand when the rise in prices of petroleum products will stop. My business was badly affected by the COVID-19 outbreak and to add to this, the hike in fuel prices has ruined my budget,'' said Rajesh Gupta, a trader, who was visiting a petrol pump in Indore for a refill.

Meanwhile, state Congress spokesman Anurodh Jain demanded that the VAT on petrol and diesel be brought down immediately to provide relief to people, and these fuels are brought under the Goods and Services Tax (GST). ''Transporters are increasing freight charges due to the spiraling prices of petrol and diesel, resulting in inflation of essential commodities,'' Jain said.

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