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Nagaland Governor Acharya hails PM Modi's development programmes for Northeast

Devdiscourse News Desk mumbai Last Updated at 27-11-2018 00:05:38 IST India

Nagaland Governor Padmanabha Acharya Monday said Prime Minister Narendra Modi's developmental programmes for the Northeast have created awareness among people of the country to do something for the region. He also hailed the contribution of the Northeastern people in the freedom struggle of the country and in various sectors like education.

Addressing a function here, he said the development programmes initiated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the region have created awareness among people from various states to do something for the Northeast. Acharya was speaking at an award ceremony 'One India award' organised by "My Home India". "Nagaland has a population of 20 lakh, 98 per cent of whom are Christians. Our failure and deficiency, and not the people of the Northeast, are responsible for the situation there," he said.

The governor said the developmental programmes initiated by the prime minister have created awareness among Indians to do something for the region. Acharya said Nagaland is home to 16 important tribes and many smaller tribes. He said the people to people programmes are crucial for unity and that politics should be kept at bay. The governor blamed the British education system for people were not aware of Purvanchal.

"Their (people of the Northeast) contribution is not just for the freedom struggle, but many all other important sectors like the education. Northeast people are second to none," Acharya said. He said Arunachal Pradesh or Nagaland will be among the richest and most developed states in near future. "There are 3 'E's required to make a nation prosperous - education, electricity and environment," he said. He said when an achiever does not become a giver, he becomes a "looter".

Underlining the importance of one's mother tongue, the governor said, "In Maharashtra, the situation is such that nobody wants to learn Marathi and 80 per cent of Marathi language schools are closed. Your first identity is your mother tongue".

(With inputs from agencies.)

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