Kremlin Dismisses Swiss Summit on Ukraine War as Futile

The Kremlin criticized a Swiss-hosted conference on the Ukraine war as ineffective, with spokesperson Dmitry Peskov stating the results were negligible. Russia remains open to dialogue, but Putin's stringent conditions for Ukraine's NATO withdrawal and territorial concessions remain unacceptable to Kyiv. Major countries abstained from full endorsement at the summit.

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Kremlin Dismisses Swiss Summit on Ukraine War as Futile
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The Kremlin said on Monday that a Swiss-hosted conference on the Ukraine war had produced negligible results and showed the futility of holding talks without Russia. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters the results of the meeting were "close to zero".

Russia remains open to dialogue with all countries that intend to conduct it and will continue to convey its position to these countries, Peskov said. President Vladimir Putin said last week that Russia was willing to end the war, but he set out conditions for Ukraine - renouncing its NATO ambitions and withdrawing troops from four regions claimed by Russia - that Kyiv rejected as tantamount to capitulation.

At the weekend summit in Switzerland, Western powers and their allies denounced Russia's invasion of Ukraine but failed to persuade major non-aligned states to join their final statement, and no country came forward to host a sequel. Over 90 countries attended the two-day talks at a Swiss Alpine resort at the behest of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy, billed as a "peace summit" even though Moscow was not invited.

Russia ridiculed the event from afar. A decision by China to stay away all but assured that the summit would fail to achieve Ukraine's goal of persuading major countries from the "global South" to join in isolating Russia. Brazil attended only as an "observer". And in the end, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Saudi Arabia and South Africa all withheld their signatures from the summit communique, even though some contentious issues were omitted in the hope of drawing wider support.

Still, the conference provided Kyiv with a chance to showcase the support from Western allies that it says it needs to keep fighting against a far bigger enemy.

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