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Watch Video: IAF intercepts Antonov-12 cargo plane coming from Pakistan

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Updated: 10-05-2019 18:45 IST
Watch Video: IAF intercepts Antonov-12 cargo plane coming from Pakistan

Image Credit: ANI

In a major development, the Indian Air Force on Friday intercepted an Antonov-12 cargo plane which entered from an unauthorised air route from Pakistani side and forced it to land at the Jaipur air base.

The aircraft carrying spares was forced to land at 4.55 pm in Jaipur and its crew is being questioned by the authorities concerned on the ground, senior government sources told ANI.

"Today afternoon one AN-12 aircraft of Georgia after getting airborne for Delhi from Karachi deviated from it's scheduled flight path and entered Indian Air Space from an unscheduled point in North Gujarat. The aircraft was successfully intercepted by highly alert IAF Air Defence aircraft and was forced to land at Jaipur airfield," IAF spokesperson Gp Capt Anupam Bannerjee said.

Sources said as soon as the air force bases detected the aircraft on their radars, they activated two air defence fighters SU-30MKI there.

"The Georgian aircraft was earlier not responding but started descending 60 kms near Jaipur and landed," they said. According to sources, the heavy cargo plane was being leased by a Ukrainian engine manufacturer 'MotorSich'.

(With inputs from agencies.)