FDA's Fall 2024 COVID-19 Vaccine Strategy Focuses on JN.1 Variant

The U.S. FDA recommended that COVID-19 vaccines for Fall 2024 should target the JN.1 variant, in line with European and WHO recommendations. This move follows advice from FDA's advisers and aligns with Novavax's capability to target the older strain. Moderna also applied for a vaccine targeting JN.1.

Reuters | Updated: 07-06-2024 20:42 IST | Created: 07-06-2024 20:42 IST
FDA's Fall 2024 COVID-19 Vaccine Strategy Focuses on JN.1 Variant
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The U.S. Food and Drug Administration on Friday advised COVID-19 vaccine manufacturers that new shots for the fall 2024 campaign should target the JN.1 variant that was dominant earlier this year.

The FDA's advisory is in line with European and World Health Organization recommendations and comes after the U.S. agency's advisers overwhelmingly backed the targeting of the older JN.1 variant over the now-dominant KP.2 strain. The advisers recommended the older strain as it is the only strain which Novavax - one of the vaccine makers - said it would be able to target with its shot.

Separately, another vaccine maker Moderna said on Friday it has filed an application with the FDA for its COVID-19 shot targeting the JN.1 strain.

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