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Health News Roundup: Xeris Pharma's low blood sugar treatment wins FDA approval; Sanofi to pay Lexicon $260M for terminated partnership

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Updated: 11-09-2019 12:00 IST
Health News Roundup: Xeris Pharma's low blood sugar treatment wins FDA approval; Sanofi to pay Lexicon $260M for terminated partnership

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Following is a summary of current health news briefs.

Female pediatricians paid 76 cents for every $1 paid to men

Women in pediatrics still earn less than men even with similar levels of experience and even after accounting for the disproportionate amount of time they devote to unpaid work at home, two new studies suggest. Overall, U.S. pediatricians had average annual income of $189,804, one study based on a 2016 survey of about 1,200 pediatricians found. Women earned about 76% of what men earned, or about $51,000 a year less on average.

UK fears crisis as 11.5 million get potentially addictive drugs

More and more Britons are being prescribed potentially addictive medicines including sleeping pills, opioids and other painkillers, raising the risk of a drug crisis like the one in the United States, health officials said on Tuesday. In a government-commissioned report, researchers at Public Health England (PHE) said evidence showed that "since at least 10 years ago more people are being prescribed more of these medicines and often for longer".

'It is time to stop vaping': Kansas reports sixth U.S. death linked to mystery illness

A Kansas resident was the sixth person to die in the United States of a mysterious respiratory illness related to vaping, state officials said on Tuesday, as public health officials scrambled to understand a nationwide health problem. "It is time to stop vaping," Kansas State Health Officer Dr. Lee Norman Norman said in a statement. "If you or a loved one is vaping, please stop."

Not so fast: CDC isn't ready to blame illicit 'street vapes' for illnesses

U.S. health investigators are casting a wide net to understand what is sickening hundreds of vapers across the country and still have not ruled out any product on the market, even as vaping industry officials highlight the potential role of illegal cannabis products. Dr Dana Meaney-Delman is leading the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's investigation into the culprit behind at least five confirmed deaths and 450 reported cases of lung illness linked with use of the devices. China cabinet wants large pig farms to make up 58% of total by 2022

China's state council said on Tuesday it wants large-scale pig farms to make up 58% of the total by 2022 to help improve stability of pork supplies. It did not say how it defines large farms or what the current level is.

Patients at for-profit dialysis center less likely to get kidney transplants

The likelihood that U.S. patients with renal failure will get a kidney transplant is lower for those who get dialysis at for-profit dialysis centers, a new study shows. In examining the records of more than a million dialysis patients, researchers found that compared to patients getting dialysis at nonprofit facilities, patients treated at for-profit dialysis centers were less likely to make it onto a kidney transplant list and less likely to receive a new kidney from either a living or a deceased donor. U.S. tells cannabis companies not to advertise disease treatments without science

The top U.S. consumer and trade regulator said on Tuesday it had warned three companies selling products infused with cannabidiol that it was illegal to advertise that such products could fight disease without providing credible scientific evidence. In recent years, the chemical derived from the cannabis plant, commonly called CBD, has been touted as alleviating countless physical ailments.

Sanofi to pay Lexicon $260 million for terminated partnership

Lexicon Pharmaceuticals Inc said on Tuesday France's Sanofi SA will pay the drugmaker $260 million for the termination of their partnership to develop diabetes drug Zynquista. Shares of Lexicon jumped 37.8% to $2.37 in after hours trading.

Where the top Democratic U.S. presidential candidates stand on 'Medicare for All'

All of the Democratic presidential candidates debating on Thursday say universal healthcare is a top priority. They disagree, however, on the best path to achieve it. U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders has championed the ambitious goal known as "Medicare for All," which would replace the current patchwork healthcare structure with a single-payer system. The plan would provide government coverage to everyone based on the existing federal Medicare program for Americans 65 and older and would effectively eliminate private insurance.

Xeris Pharma's low blood sugar treatment wins FDA approval

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved Xeris Pharmaceuticals Inc's glucagon therapy that aims to treat severely low sugar levels in diabetes patients, the drugmaker said on Tuesday. The condition, called hypoglycemia, can cause acute cognitive impairment. A mild or moderate fall in sugar levels, when left untreated, can result in cardiovascular disease, seizure, coma, and even death.

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