US Urges India on Russia Ties Amid PM Modi's Moscow Visit

US State Department reiterates concerns over India's relationship with Russia during PM Modi’s Moscow visit. Diplomatic conversations occur as recently as past 24 hours, urging India to support peaceful resolution in Ukraine. Modi outlines trade goals with Russian President Putin, working on liberalizing trade and increasing bilateral trade volume.

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US Urges India on Russia Ties Amid PM Modi's Moscow Visit
US State Department spokesperson Mathew Miller (Photo/US State Department). Image Credit: ANI
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US State Department Spokesperson Matthew Miller reiterated the US government's stance on India's relationship with Russia during a daily media briefing, emphasizing ongoing concerns and direct communications. Miller stated, 'We have been quite clear about our concerns about India's relationship with Russia. We have expressed those privately, directly to the Indian Government, and continue to do so, and that hasn't changed.'

Responding to a query on PM Modi's recent visit to Moscow and energy-related announcements, Miller confirmed that the US has conveyed its concerns to India within the last 24 hours. 'We have had conversations with them in the past 24 hours,' Miller said, showcasing the immediacy of the diplomatic dialogue.

Further addressing the media, Miller urged India to support efforts for a peaceful resolution in Ukraine in line with UN Charter principles. 'We urge India, we continue to urge India to support efforts to realize the importance of peace, and enduring and just peace in Ukraine based on the principles of the UN Charter, based on upholding Ukraine's territorial integrity and its sovereignty,' Miller added.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, during his visit to Moscow, met with Russian President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday. The leaders outlined their goals to eliminate non-tariff trade barriers and aim for a mutual trade volume of over USD 100 billion by 2030. Continuing dialogues on bilateral trade liberalization and the potential establishment of the EAEU-India Free Trade Area were also discussed, according to a joint statement released post-meeting.

'Aspiration for elimination of non-tariff trade barriers related to bilateral trade between India and Russia. Continuation of dialogue in the field of liberalization of bilateral trade, including the possibility of the establishment of the EAEU-India Free Trade Area. Achievement of a mutual trade volume more than 100 bln USD by 2030 (as mutually agreed), including increased supplies of goods from India to achieve balanced bilateral trade. Reinvigoration of investment activities of the Parties, i.e. within the framework of the special investment regimes,' the statement read. The two nations plan to work on a bilateral settlement system using national currencies and the introduction of digital financial instruments for mutual settlements.

Additionally, the focus will be on increasing cargo turnover through new routes like the North-South International Transport Corridor, the Northern Sea Route, and the Chennai-Vladivostok Sea Line. Efforts include optimizing customs procedures using intelligent digital systems for seamless movement of goods and enhancing trade in agricultural products, food, and fertilizers by removing various restrictions.

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