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WHO panel decides not to declare Ebola emergency - statement

Updated: 14-06-2019 23:28 IST
WHO panel decides not to declare Ebola emergency - statement

Image Credit: Pixabay

A World Health Organisation (WHO) advisory panel decided on Friday not to declare an international public health emergency over the Ebola outbreak in Congo and Uganda, saying that the criteria had not been met. But in a statement, the independent panel urged neighbouring "at risk" countries to improve their preparedness for detecting and managing exported cases, "as Uganda has done".

Authorities in Uganda, where two members of the same family died this week from the disease, have drawn up a list of 98 contacts, or contacts of contacts, potentially exposed to the Ebola virus, but only 10 are considered "high risk", WHO expert Dr Mike Ryan told a news conference at WHO headquarters in Geneva. The previous figure was 27 on Thursday.

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