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Lusa Salomé again files petition to Mozambican Parliament to know her spouse’s whereabouts

Devdiscourse News Desk maputo Last Updated at 07-12-2018 16:11:08 IST Mozambique

Lusa Salomé, the wife of a Portuguese businessman has recently delivered a new petition to the Mozambican Parliament. Her husband was abducted in central Mozambique in 2016. Her document repeats 'request for assistance' to the body to investigate the current location of Américo Sebastião.

Earlier two petitions were submitted to the Assembly of the Republic of Mozambique by the family of Sebastião but both were rejected. According to Lusa Salomé, she will not give up unless her request is considered.

She also sent the copies of the petition to parliamentary branches – Democratic Movement of Mozambique, Frelimo (Mozambican Liberation Front) and Renamo (Mozambican National Resistance).

Her husband, Américo Sebastião was abducted by some unidentified group at a fueling station in Nhamapadza of Maringué district on July 29, 2016. After his abduction, the kidnappers used his bank cards and withdrew €4,000 before the accounts were blocked. Despite Portugal's repeated approach of judicial cooperation between two nations to locate the man, Mozambican authorities always denied working on it.

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