Gunman Captured After US Embassy Attack Amidst Beirut Tensions

A gunman was captured by Lebanese soldiers after attempting to attack the US Embassy near Beirut. The attack, which involved multiple assailants, comes amidst ongoing tensions in Lebanon caused by conflicts and economic hardship. The motive remains unclear, and serious investigations are underway, according to Lebanese officials.

PTI | Beirut | Updated: 05-06-2024 13:15 IST | Created: 05-06-2024 13:15 IST
Gunman Captured After US Embassy Attack Amidst Beirut Tensions
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Lebanese soldiers apprehended a gunman after an attempted assault on the US Embassy near Beirut on Wednesday, the military confirmed.

The incident, adding to the volatile climate in Lebanon due to ongoing conflicts and economic distress, saw the assailant, identified as a Syrian national, being shot, wounded, and hospitalized.

With motives yet unclear, reports suggest the gunman wore an 'Islamic State' vest in the attack involving a half-hour gunfight. The US Embassy reported no staff casualties, and Prime Minister Najib Mikati assured that investigations are in full swing.

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