India Pushes for Security Council Reforms on UN's 80th Anniversary

India asserts that it is time to reform the United Nations Security Council as it turns 80, advocating for an expansion in its permanent and non-permanent categories for effective global conflict management. Pratik Mathur delivered this statement at the UN General Assembly, emphasizing the need for comprehensive reform.

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India Pushes for Security Council Reforms on UN's 80th Anniversary
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In a compelling address at the UN General Assembly debate on the Annual Report of the UN Security Council, Pratik Mathur, a Minister in India's Permanent Mission to the UN, stressed the urgent need for reforms. With the United Nations approaching its 80th anniversary, Mathur argued that it's high time for the Security Council to expand its permanent and non-permanent categories to manage contemporary global conflicts effectively.

Mathur emphasized that enhancing the Council's membership is essential for it to remain credible and perform efficiently. 'Only comprehensive reform can enable the Council to tackle the increasingly complex global challenges we face today,' he asserted. India, he highlighted, has been a longstanding advocate for these changes, deeming them necessary for reflecting the geopolitical realities of the 21st century.

As India's tenure as a non-permanent member concluded recently, Mathur indicated that New Delhi will seek another term in 2028-2029. He called for more substantial annual reports that not only document Security Council activities but also provide in-depth analyses, particularly of UN peacekeeping operations, where India plays a significant role.

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