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Ugandan Imam discovers his newlywed wife is a man when police undresses him after 2 weeks

Ugandan Imam discovers his newlywed wife is a man when police undresses him after 2 weeks
“On further search, we discovered that the suspect had male genitals. We quickly informed ‘her’ husband who had escorted her to the police station,” the officer said. Image Credit: Daily Monitor

A newly married Muslim man in Uganda's Kyampisi discovers after two weeks (of his marriage) that he actually married a man. Mohammed Sheikh Mutumba fell in love with the man disguised under the garb of a woman whom he met at Kyampisi mosque and proposed to marry her. Read the entire texts below to know more in details.

Mohammed Sheikh Mutumba, who is an Imam of Kyampisi mosque and a resident of Kyampisi Village in Kayunga Sub-County, Kayunga District in Uganda, fell in love with Swabullah Nabukeera. After receiving the proposal, Swabullah Nabukeera agreed to marry the Imam.

According to Sheikh Mutumba, he made sexual advances after marrying Nabukeera but the bride claimed she was undergoing menstrual periods. After she claimed to be in her menses, he waited for her to get her better out of love.

However, Nabukeera's luck ditched her when a neighbour reported him to the local police that Sheikh Mutumba's newlywed wife stole a television set, garments and sh300,000 from his room. The neighbour also claimed that she jumped over an incomplete wall and stole the materials including heavy cash.

Nabukeera reached the police station wearing hijab and sandals. The district criminal investigation officer Isaac Mugera said a female police officer searched the suspect thoroughly before taking her to the cells. She was shocked to see that the suspect stacked clothes in the bra to hoax that there were the breasts.

"On further search, we discovered that the suspect had male genitals. We quickly informed 'her' husband who had escorted her to the police station," the officer said.

Sheikh Mutumba also asked the police to allow him to prove himself by seeing the private part of Nabukeera. On discovering that he is a man, the Imam accused him of being a thief. Through further investigation, the police came to know that his real name is Richard Tumushabe, a 27-year-old man.

Police has also arrested Tumushabe's aunt who took dowry from the Imam that included two goats, two bags of sugar, three busuutis, a carton of salt and a Koran. A busuuti is a colourful floor-length dress that is mostly used as a costume for women in Buganda (a subnational kingdom within Uganda). According to the aunt (Nuuru Nabukeera), she didn't know her 'niece' was male, as she got to know him when he was already an adult, Daily Monitor noted.

"The first day he came to me he was wearing a hijab. I even slept with him in my bedroom. When she told me she had got a man for marriage, I gave her a go-ahead and asked her to bring him to my home," she said to the police.

However, Richard Tumushabe has been arrested with a charge of impersonation, theft and obtaining goods by false pretence, the investigator said.

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