What Makes a Great Burger? Deconstructing the American Favourite

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What Makes a Great Burger? Deconstructing the American Favourite
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Burgers are a favourite worldwide. There's just something special about biting into that delicious patty and all the trimmings that make the experience unique. Plus, now, with the choice of vegetarian and vegan options, it doesn't have to be all about the meat either. But what makes a great burger? The answer to this is divided, and experts all have different opinions about how to cook and serve the perfect patty.

So to delve into the wonders of this American classic, we take a look at what makes a great burger, and surprisingly it isn't always about the food itself.

Meat to fat ratio

Many top chefs agree that the meat to fat ratio has to be just right to make the best patty. While this varies for the type of cuts used, the overruling consensus was it should be around 80% meat and 20% fat. This balance is said to give the perfect amount of moisture and flavour to your burger. But, of course, if you're talking about plant-based options, this is very different, and there are many different ways to make a tasty and texture-rich burger.

Quality of ingredients

To make a good burger, you need the best ingredients for the job. Whether you're making a meat or vegan version, these foundations form the flavour and texture of your dish. High-quality ingredients will always win over lower-cost alternatives. Plus, the results show when you cook them. It's not just the quality of the burger patty that matters too; it's everything that goes into garnishing the food. Choose fresh lettuce, tomatoes, onions and gherkins to give it that kick. Also, don't forget about the burger bun and condiments. Opt for organic and freshly made options to bring all the flavours together.

Make it from scratch

There are lots of burgers out there, but the best versions are made from scratch. Processed options are great for takeout and quick bites but opt for handmade patties if you want that authentic slice of America. Using the aspects above, it's easy to create a burger that is delicious on all levels. Everything from picking the ingredients to using freshly made buns is a great way to enjoy the best-tasting burger you've ever had.

Creating the best dining experience

Eating out isn't just about the food on the plate; it encompasses the whole dining experience. This is where a classic America burger shack has the upper hand. This experience is designed to deliver the nostalgia and atmosphere that comes with the food. The fun energy and iconic branding set the scene for a traditional Americana vibe. The side dishes and beverages also offer the perfect complement to the meal.

There are many things that go into creating a great burger. While experts might argue over the technicalities of cooking, it's clear to see, whatever food you love also captures more than what's on the plate. It's the whole experience, and setting the scene heightens the love of eating out.

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