Apps That Make Life as a Landlord Easier

Tom Smyth | Updated: 03-10-2022 14:52 IST | Created: 01-10-2022 10:21 IST
Apps That Make Life as a Landlord Easier
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To be a successful landlord requires excellent organization and planning. Running a rental business can be challenging, and the latest Apps will help you to stay on top of things.

Maintenance Apps

A maintenance tracking application for easy management of maintenance tasks is essential for landlords. Some of the best maintenance Apps include ManageCasa, Thumbtack, and Keepe. Features include the organization of repairs, maintenance operations, and costs. Landlords can avoid problems by regularly performing simple, effective, and timely preventive maintenance checks. Routine maintenance becomes increasingly difficult to perform consistently as your job becomes more complex.

A maintenance tracking application can put controls in place to prevent non-compliance with organizational and regulatory standards and support your rental business achieve peak performance. These apps have very simple functions to streamline your day-to-day management. The maintenance app is suited to all types of users, in particular landlords, who need to quickly and continuously monitor the status of a property so they can fix problems as quickly as possible.

Rent Collection Apps

One of a landlord's most challenging and time-consuming tasks is rent collection. The most significant benefits of using a rent collection app are its speed and efficiency, making the process automatic. Honeycomb has compiled a list of the Nine Best Apps for Landlords to Collect Rent, including Rentdrop, Venmo, and PayRent. These apps benefit landlords and tenants, making it appealing for them to sign up. Apps like Rentdrop, for example, allow tenants to split the rent between housemates. Rental payments can be made by debit card, credit card, or bank transfer. Even if not designed primarily for landlords, Venmo can be used to collect rental payments.

Productivity Apps for Landlords

The best productivity apps help you get ahead on projects, organize your time, and collaborate with your team and contractors. As a landlord with a lot to juggle, working efficiently and not wasting time on unnecessary meetings or emails is essential. The productivity apps available are varied, with some to help manage your mailbox and others to improve workflow. is a program that concentrates on organizing your tasks and creating a communication point for your team. You can easily create new tasks within a project and add steps to each task or group them together. Helping you meet your deadlines and achieve your goals. Productivity apps facilitate your work and daily tasks by making you more efficient. Some of the best productivity apps include IFTTT, Basecamp, Microsoft Teams, and Slack.

Advertise Vacancies

Finding the right tenants and advertising your rental properties is not easy, especially in big cities where navigating the rental process is no easy task. The latest technology and best apps have also streamlined this process for both landlords and tenants. Apps such as Abodo and ShowingHero allow you to access everything in one place, calls, emails, and viewings. Significantly reducing the time that it takes for administrative tasks.

Landlords have a wide range of roles and responsibilities that require a high level of organization and attention. When you increase productivity, you generate more money and improve efficiency.

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