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Delhi voters want govt to prioritize traffic issue, water, air pollution

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Updated: 13-05-2019 23:15 IST
Delhi voters want  govt to prioritize traffic issue, water, air pollution

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Traffic congestion, water and air pollution and better employment opportunities, were the top three issues on which voters in Delhi want the government of the day to work on, a survey conducted by the Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) has claimed. The Delhi survey was done as part of a national survey, conducted between October and December in 2018, Jagdeep Chhokar, founder member, National Election Watch, ADR, told reporters here on Monday.

The survey covered 534 Lok Sabha constituencies, including the seven in Delhi, with 2,73,487 voters participating in the nation-wide exercise. "We did a national survey and within that we did a Delhi-level survey too. The Delhi survey shows that traffic congestion (49.67 per cent), water and air pollution (44.52), and better employment opportunities (43.07 per cent) are the top three voters' priorities for voters," a senior ADR official told reporters.

The Delhi survey covered nearly 3,500 respondents across the seven parliamentary sear in Delhi, about 500 from each of the constituencies. Since Delhi's population is predominantly urban, 97.50 per cent as per the Census 2011, the report focuses primarily on urban voters' priorities, according to ADR.

In addition, the government has performed poorly in empowerment of women and security (1.85 per cent) and noise pollution (2.27 per cent) in urban Delhi, it claimed. For rural voters of Delhi, the top most voters' priorities were higher price realisation for farm products (56 per cent), better employment opportunities (52 per cent), and electricity for agriculture (44 per cent), it said.

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