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"Privileged, powerful groups" vote rarely discussed: Owaisi

Updated: 13-06-2019 22:29 IST
"Privileged, powerful groups" vote rarely discussed: Owaisi

Image Credit: ANI

AIMIM president Asaduddin Owaisi Thursday said "cringe-worthy" discussions take place in every election about Dalit, Muslim and OBC voters, but rarely are debates held on how "privileged and powerful groups" vote. "Every election, we have cringe-worthy discussions about Dalit, Muslim & OBC voters.

But rarely do we ever discuss how privileged, powerful groups vote. No insulting terms such as "appeasement", "votebank" & "caste card" are used for them," he tweeted. He was responding to media reports on why "upper caste Hindus voted for BJP like never before".

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