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Crowdfunding campaign to publish children's book of dreams

PTI New Delhi
Updated: 03-09-2019 17:20 IST
Crowdfunding campaign to publish children's book of dreams

A book comprising artworks and prose by children on the India of their dreams has turned to crowdfunding to support the publishing expenses. The book, "I Dream...", containing 375 pages of diverse dreams and artworks of 150 Indian children will be addressed to the President of India.

The crowdfunding campaign, called "Dream on India", hopes to raise an amount of Rs 6 lakhs on 'Wishberry' to support the publishing expenses and create awareness around its importance. The campaign has so far raised "39 per cent of the target".

"This book is an attempt to learn how to dream from some of the purest minds in the country, untouched yet by conditioning and pragmatism. The plan is to have a copy of this book personally handed over by a group of children to the Honourable President of India.," said Avinash Jhangiani, curator and lead -- Project 'Dream on India'. Jhangiani, a businessman by profession, started the project by collecting over 10,000 "dreams" and selected 150 of them with the help of a jury consisting the likes of Grammy winner Neela Vaswani, Padma Shri Gowri Ishwaran, among 50 other specialists in education, child well-being, arts, social sciences from many countries like India, USA, UK, Finland, Singapore and New Zealand .

The book's foreword is written by Nobel Peace Laureate Kailash Satyarthi. "One dream is good enough to bring about miracles and this book has 150 dreams. It has the potential to change the whole world. I wish that all my wonderful children will chase their dreams by believing in themselves, will always be open to learn new things and above all work hard!," he writes.

The all or nothing campaign, which means the project either raises the whole amount or goes empty, is still to raise over 3 lakh in coming 25 days.

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