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Reality show star Mekhla Dasgupta alleges of harassment at cultural function

Devdiscourse News Desk kolkata Last Updated at 13-11-2018 21:08:27 IST India

A singer, who shot to fame as a reality show participant, has alleged that police constables and civic volunteers have harassed her when she was performing at a cultural function in West Midnapore.

Narrating her ordeal on Facebook, Mekhla Dasgupta said she felt unsafe at the programme, which was organized by Danton police station in the district and had to be escorted out by the sponsors. Dasgupta also apologized to her followers for going live on social media "unannounced".

In her first Facebook live post on November 10, after leaving the venue, the singer claimed that she was in danger. "I have gone live without announcing because I am in great danger. I am returning now, but with great risk to my life... I am not sure if I will be able to return home safely," she said.

Next day, too, she went live on Facebook to share her agony with fans. "When I began the first song, I heard a group of men screaming, 'this won't do, sing dance songs'. So I changed and sang a few fast-paced tracks. I think a lot of them were a little drunk..." Dasgupta said. She also claimed that one of the organisers had asked her to move to the left part of the stage as "respected police officers were sitting there".

"There were constables and some mid-ranking police officers... their demand was, not only should I sing peppy numbers, I should go near them to make them dance," she said. The singer, who is in her early 20s, went on to add that the riled officers hurled abuses at her when she refused to oblige.

A district police officer, who did not wish to be named, confirmed that the crowd had requested the singer to belch out dance numbers. "As she did not pay heed to every request from the audience, an argument broke out between her and a section of the crowd," he said.

Dasgupta was escorted out of the venue by the inspection in-charge of Danton police station, the officer said, adding that a probe into the allegations made by the singer is underway.

(With inputs from agencies.)

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