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Govt of Kenya appeals for thorough investigation into killing of Kenyan priest in Cameroon

Devdiscourse News Desk luanda Last Updated at 27-11-2018 13:58:24 IST Cameroon
Govt of Kenya appeals for thorough investigation into killing of Kenyan priest in Cameroon
  • Bishop Andrew Nkea inspecting the bullets on the wall. Image Credit: Flickr

After the statement was given by Bishop Nkea Andrew on the killing of priest Father Cosmos Oboto, Cameroon's Defense Minister Joseph Beti Assomo has said that the act was committed by some unidentified gunmen. In a press release, Assomo noted that "some unidentified gunmen opened fire indiscriminately in the afternoon of Wednesday, November 21, 2018 at around 3:30 pm in front of Kembong chapel, a rural locality situated some 20 kilometers from Eyumodjock Subdivision." A part of the press release reads, "the assailants were said to be dressed in combat outfit and carried out the raid with the help of a vehicle." A 33-year old Kenyan priest, Cosmos Oboto, a resident of Kembong received several bullets during the shootout.

Now the recent reports claim that the Kenyan government has sent (through its Ministry of Foreign Affairs) a formal request to the Cameroon government for a detailed investigation into the death of one of its citizens in Kembong, South West region of Cameroon in the previous week. The Principal Secretary at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Kenya assured that "they would relentlessly continue to pursue answers about the sad event."

Bishop Andrew claimed in a statement that the government soldiers who were randomly shooting from their passing vehicle killed Cosmos Oboto. According to his statements, he personally visited the venue after the sad incident and personally counted 21 bullet holes on the church building. He said the blood of the murdered priest was still visible on the cemented entrance.

On the other hand, the Cameroon military has absolutely refuted their involvement in such murder. They said that the Kenyan priest was murdered by armed assailants.

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