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Forest department catches leopard near Madukarai forest range

Devdiscourse News Desk coimbatore India
Updated: 05-12-2018 19:09 IST

A leopard, on the prowl for over a month creating a nightmare among residents of villages surrounding Madukarai forest range, fell into a trap set up by the forest department Wednesday, officials said.

The leopard was trapped in a cage kept near Karadimadai village, they said. The villagers of Karadimadai, Molapalayam and Madukarai had been living in fear following the straying of the big cat which had reportedly killed several goats of them in the last 40 days, the officials said.

Based on complaints, the forest personnel kept the cage at Karadimadai to trap the animal. The leopard was later released into the deep jungles.

(With inputs from agencies.)