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Severe Flooding in Indonesia, Hundreds Evacuated

Devdiscourse News Desk jakarta Indonesia
Updated: 09-03-2019 06:05 IST
Severe Flooding in Indonesia, Hundreds Evacuated

Torrential rains, resulting in severe flooding, in Indonesia has left two people dead and six missing. The heavy rains caused the Citarum River, also known as the world's dirtiest after the declaration by the World Bank as the most polluted river, to overflow and this has impacted the eastern part of the archipelago with flash floods. The Citarum River is a source of hydroelectric power for Java, the most populous island in Indonesia. Its known to burst its banks in times of heavy continuous rainfall.

Thousands of families in Bandung and West Java have been affected but authorities say that only hundred have chosen to evacuate. The people have been moved to evacuation centres through boats. Images show people wading through chest-high flood waters.

Meanwhile, reports say that landslides in Komodo and Mbliling Districts of West Manggarai Regency have caused disruptions in transport and severely damaged a bridge. A report by the ASEAN Coordinating Centre for Humanitarian Assistance (AHA) of March 8, highlights that 168,393 people from 34,542 households across East and West Java have been affected. Authorities say the Madiun Regency, with 17, 268 people from 4,317 people is the worst affected.

Rice fields, dikes and homes have been destroyed.

COUNTRY : Indonesia