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Rahul Gandhi accuses BJP, RSS of trying to undermine Indian Constitution

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Updated: 30-10-2018 21:53 IST
Rahul Gandhi accuses BJP, RSS of trying to undermine Indian Constitution

(Image Credit: Twitter)

The Indian Constitution is under attack from the BJP and the RSS, Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday said here, the birthplace of B R Ambedkar, the architect of the Constitution.

The BJP rejected his allegation and said it was the Congress which has disrespected the constitutional bodies for decades.

"This is Ambedkarji's land. Ambedkarji poured his heart out, gave his life and applied his might in making the Constitution. As a result, India has a beautiful Constitution. It was the gift of Ambedkarji," Gandhi told a public meeting in the poll-bound Madhya Pradesh after paying tribute at the memorial of Baba Saheb.

"I remember him here today. The Constitution is under attack. The CBI director is removed at 2 am, the Supreme Court judges hold a press conference saying they are not being allowed to work and mention Judge Loya," he said.

"The Prime Minister (Narendra Modi) keeps mum when a BJP MLA rapes a woman in Uttar Pradesh," the Congress leader charged. "When Rohith Vemula (a PhD student at the University of Hyderabad) gets a letter from Education Ministry, he was crushed to death. This is not an attack on Rohith Vemula. This is an attack on the Constitution. The BJP and RSS are attacking it," Gandhi alleged.

He added that in the land of Ambedkarji, he would assert that "the Congress and we all unitedly will protect the Indian Constitution." Taking a dig at the Prime Minister, Gandhi said, "First Modi used to say, 'achche din' (good times), and people said aayenge (will come). Then came suit and boot government. After some time, suit, boot and jhooth (lies) government came.

"Now it is a suit, boot, jhooth (lies) and loot government." Reacting to Gandhi's comments, Madhya Pradesh BJP spokesman Deepak Vijaywargiya said the Congress has disrespected the constitutional bodies, like the Supreme Court since decades.

He added that the Modi government holds the Supreme Court and other institutions in high esteem and was working for the all-round development of the country.

(With inputs from agencies.)