AI-Enabled Polling Revolutionizes Election Forecasts

The School of Politics uses CATI-based and AI-enabled surveys for opinion and exit polls, amassing around 2 million samples nationwide. This method enhances accessibility, accelerates data collection, and ensures accurate results. Since 2019, they've achieved a 90% accuracy rate in predicting election outcomes, demonstrating significant insights across various Indian states.

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AI-Enabled Polling Revolutionizes Election Forecasts
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The School of Politics ( has introduced a groundbreaking approach to opinion and exit polls through the combination of CATI-based and AI-enabled surveys. With a substantial sample size of nearly 2 million nationwide, this innovative method has proven to be a game changer in election forecasting.

This enhanced polling technique improves accessibility, allowing even those with limited literacy to participate. Real-time data collection via voice technology not only expedites the process but also ensures the results are more accurate and comprehensive. This approach eliminates manual effort, reducing potential survey errors.

Since adopting this methodology in 2019, the School of Politics has consistently predicted 90% of election outcomes accurately. Their surveys have shown striking accuracy in several states, including Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, and Telangana. This combination of technology and extensive sampling has set new standards in the domain of political surveys.

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