Modi's Final Cabinet Meeting: Shaping the Future Amidst Election Triumph

Prime Minister Narendra Modi chaired a final cabinet meeting after the BJP-led NDA secured a majority in the Lok Sabha elections. The meeting, held at the PM's residence, reviewed election results and forthcoming government formation. The current Lok Sabha's tenure ends on June 16. The BJP and NDA have achieved a clear majority while the Congress secured 99 seats.

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Modi's Final Cabinet Meeting: Shaping the Future Amidst Election Triumph
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Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday chaired a significant meeting of the Union cabinet to review the recent Lok Sabha election results and discuss the formation of the next government. This pivotal meeting took place at the prime minister's residence, a day after electoral victories were confirmed.

The gathering, marking the last session of Modi 2.0's cabinet, began punctually at 11.30 am and was succeeded by another session involving the council of ministers. Sources indicate that discussing the dissolution of the current Lok Sabha was on the agenda, as its term concludes on June 16.

The BJP, on its own, secured 240 seats, while the NDA achieved a definitive majority in the 543-member house. Meanwhile, the main opposition party, the Congress, managed to obtain 99 seats.

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