European Parliamentary Elections: A Fragile Center Amid Rightward Shift

The recent European parliamentary elections highlighted a tenuous hold by centrists despite notable gains by far-right parties. France's political landscape saw considerable shifts with defeats for President Macron. While centrists retained some ground, the growing power of the far-right indicates a potential rightward tilt in future EU policies.

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European Parliamentary Elections: A Fragile Center Amid Rightward Shift
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Surrey Surrey (UK), Jun 11 (The Conversation) - The European parliamentary elections have revealed a fragile center struggling to maintain its position amidst a significant rightward shift, which could profoundly impact the EU's future policies. Contrary to predictions, the elections didn't produce the seismic changes some anticipated.

The most notable shock was in France, where President Emmanuel Macron's party was defeated by the RN (Rassemblement National), leading him to call for snap national parliamentary elections. Macron emphasized the need for citizens to seize control and shape history rather than being passive observers.

Despite a promising start in Dutch and German projections, the French elections delivered a jolt to centrist hopes. The RN, led by Marine Le Pen's protege Jordan Bardella, achieved unprecedented success, decimating Macron's "Renew Europe" coalition.

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