Netanyahu Dissolves War Cabinet Amid Political Upheaval

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu dissolved the War Cabinet, following the departure of centrist Benny Gantz. This move raises Netanyahu's reliance on ultra-nationalist allies and complicates Gaza cease-fire negotiations. The War Cabinet had been established in response to an October Hamas attack, but Gantz's exit adds instability to an already tense situation.

PTI | Telaviv | Updated: 17-06-2024 22:44 IST | Created: 17-06-2024 22:44 IST
Netanyahu Dissolves War Cabinet Amid Political Upheaval
Benjamin Netanyahu

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has disbanded the influential War Cabinet overseeing the Gaza conflict, a government spokesperson confirmed on Monday. This decision follows the recent departure of key member Benny Gantz, a centrist and former military chief, who left over dissatisfaction with Netanyahu's war management.

Gantz's exit has heightened Netanyahu's dependence on his ultra-nationalist allies, who are staunchly against a cease-fire. This scenario complicates the already delicate negotiations aimed at concluding the eight-month Gaza conflict. Netanyahu is expected to hold smaller, more exclusive forums for handling sensitive war-related issues.

Established in the initial days of the conflict, the War Cabinet symbolized a political alliance between Netanyahu and Gantz, aimed at presenting a unified front. However, as Israel and Hamas contemplate the latest cease-fire proposal, Netanyahu faces escalating pressures both domestically and internationally. Gantz's departure underscores the growing political instability within Netanyahu's government.

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