Misleading Clips Fuel Concerns Over President Biden's Competency

A series of out-of-context videos have gone viral, falsely portraying President Joe Biden as physically and mentally unfit. These clips, shared widely on social media, have fueled concerns regarding Biden's age and competency. Political experts warn of increased use of misleading media by both parties in the upcoming 2024 election.

PTI | Newyork | Updated: 22-06-2024 04:10 IST | Created: 22-06-2024 04:10 IST
Misleading Clips Fuel Concerns Over President Biden's Competency
Joe Biden

President Joe Biden's simple act of sitting down during the 80th anniversary of D-Day in Normandy caught more attention than the ceremony itself. Social media users shared a shortened clip to falsely claim he was reaching for a nonexistent chair.

This video was the first among at least three out-of-context or trimmed clips circulating widely within less than two weeks in June, fueling a narrative that Biden is mentally and physically unfit for office.

Experts suggest voters can expect both Republicans and Democrats to weaponize such moments to label each other's candidates as weak or senile, especially considering their ages of 81 and 78. Indeed, edited clips have also surfaced about former President Donald Trump.

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