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Ready to wage legal battle for Amaravati as capital:BJP-Jana

Ready to wage legal battle for Amaravati as capital:BJP-Jana

The BJP and the Jana Sena will wage a legal battle, if required, to ensure Amaravati is retained as the capital of Andhra Pradesh, the parties said on Thursday. The combine, however, is ready for the relocation of the state High Court in Kurnool.

"But Kurnool can't be called any capital as such. There has to be only one capital," Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan remarked.

State BJP president Kanna Lakshmi Narayana said they have been requesting for long that the High Court should be located in Kurnool, capital city of erstwhile Andhra state from 1953 to 1956. "We made that promise even in our election manifesto," the BJP leader pointed out at a joint press meet where the BJP-Jana Sena alliance was formally announced on Thursday evening.

The two parties, however, asserted that shifting of the state capital was not possible. "We will fight it out by all means and not allow the YS Jagan Mohan Reddy government to carry out its plan. We will fight it legally, if required," they said.

Kalyan recalled that he expressed doubts over development of Amaravati way back in 2015 and wondered if 33,000 acres of land was required. "My fears are coming true noW," he said, but added they would not sit silent over this.

The BJP-Sena leaders asserted that they would take to the streets to prevent relocation of the state capital. Referring to the Chief Minister's plan to have "three capitals" for the state, the opposition leaders said there could be nothing like that.

"Talking of three capitals is only hoodwinking people. You can't have three capitals. Even if the High Court is located in a different place, it cannot be called a capital," they pointed out.

Kalyan, who revived his friendship with the BJP after over three years, said some sections were creating misgivings over the Citizenship Amendment Act. "It is wrong to say the citizenship of Muslims of India will be cancelled. It's false.

The Act is clearly intended to extend citizenship to Hindus and other minorities who are facing persecution in neighbouring countries," he said. Indian Muslims need not have any apprehensions over the CAA, the Jana Sena chief added..

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