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India and Finland collaborate for environment and wildlife protection

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Updated: 10-10-2018 21:00 IST
India and Finland collaborate for environment and wildlife protection

(Image Credit: Twitter)

The Union Cabinet on Wednesday approved a Memorandum of Cooperation (MoC) with Finland to facilitate closer and long-term cooperation in the field of environment protection and management of natural resources.

"The MoC is expected to bring in the latest technologies and best practices suited for bringing about better environmental protection, better conservation, and better management of climate change and wildlife protection/conservation," an official release said.

The areas of cooperation under the MoC will include air and water pollution, remediation of contaminated soils, waste management including hazardous wastes, waste-to-energy technologies, climate change; environmental and forest monitoring and data management.

"Both countries face many environmental challenges like wastewater management, conservation of threatened species, control of air and water pollution and increased demand for natural resources," the statement said.

(With inputs from agencies.)

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