Delhi Faces Major Water Crisis: Minister Urges Haryana for Immediate Action

Delhi Water Minister Atishi urges Haryana CM to release 1,050 cusecs of water from Munak Canal to prevent a major crisis in the national capital. Currently, the water supply is significantly below the required level, affecting crucial Water Treatment Plants and causing concern for Delhi residents.

PTI | New Delhi | Updated: 09-06-2024 13:49 IST | Created: 09-06-2024 13:49 IST
Delhi Faces Major Water Crisis: Minister Urges Haryana for Immediate Action
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Delhi Water Minister Atishi has made an urgent appeal to Haryana Chief Minister Nayab Singh Saini, stressing the need for the immediate release of 1,050 cusecs of water from the Munak Canal. She warned that without this, Delhi could face a severe water crisis within days.

Atishi highlighted that seven Water Treatment Plants in Delhi, which depend on the Yamuna River, are currently operating below capacity due to insufficient raw water supply. According to her, Delhi is meant to receive 1,050 cusecs at Munak, but the recent supply has dwindled to 840 cusecs.

As per an agreement from the 53rd meeting of the Upper Yamuna River Board in May 2018, Delhi is entitled to 1,050 cusecs at Munak via the career lined channel (CLC) and Delhi Sub Branch (DSB) Canals. Due to transmission loss, this equates to about 1,013 cusecs measured at the Bawana contact point. Atishi insists that the drastic reduction in water supply is unjustly affecting the Delhi population.

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