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Nigel Short lashes out on AICF for disenfranchising Maharashtra Chess Association

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Updated: 18-02-2019 23:50 IST
Nigel Short lashes out on AICF for disenfranchising Maharashtra Chess Association

Image Credit: Pixabay

FIDE vice-president and Grand Master Nigel Short has hit out at the All India Chess Federation for disenfranchising the Maharashtra Chess Association among others. "Given the extraordinary work that the #Maharashtra Chess Association does - putting on tournaments & bringing in stars like @vishy64theking and @viditchess for coaching - it is disappointing that they (+ a further 16 state associations) have been disenfranchised by the AICF," the England player, a former world number three, tweeted Sunday.

He had recently criticised the Indian chess body for being embroiled in several litigations including for derecognising some players for featuring in unauthorised tournaments and also being involved in several litigations. The AICF is embroiled in a case regarding derecognition of some players for playing in unauthorised tournaments. It was fined by the Competition Commission of India last year for infringing on the provisions of Section 4 of the Competition Act 2002.

Short had also said he would brief the world about the state of affairs pertaining to Indian chess. The former England chess player had contested for the post of FIDE president last year and later withdrew, extending support to Russia's Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich, who later co-opted him as vice-president.

AICF officials could not be reached for comment on the issue..

(With inputs from agencies.)