Google Cloud's new tool lets you measure, reduce carbon footprint

Devdiscourse News Desk | California | Updated: 13-10-2021 14:32 IST | Created: 13-10-2021 14:32 IST
Google Cloud's new tool lets you measure, reduce carbon footprint
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Google Cloud has expanded its portfolio of carbon-free solutions with the launch of a new tool called "Carbon Footprint" that allows users to measure, report, and reduce their cloud carbon emissions associated with their Google Cloud Platform (GCP) usage.

With this new emission tracking tool, you can monitor your gross cloud emissions over time, by project, product and region. IT teams and developers can use these metrics to improve their carbon footprint.

Key features of the new Google Cloud Carbon Footprint tool include:

  • Dashboard for visualization - The dashboard data summary gives you a high-level overview of the gross carbon emissions from electricity associated with the usage of covered Google Cloud services for your account.
  • Easy to export - You can export your Carbon Footprint data to BigQuery or Google Sheets to perform data analysis, create custom dashboards and reports, or include the emission data with popular carbon accounting tools
  • Reduce carbon footprint- Carbon Footprint data is integrated with unattended project recommender, which provides you with estimates of the gross emission reductions you could achieve by removing idle projects.

"With the gross energy-related emissions footprint of data associated with your Google Cloud usage now available, we're committed to providing tools to not only measure your carbon footprint but help you reduce it," the company said.

Google Cloud Carbon Footprint is available to every GCP user for free in the Cloud Console.

Alongside the new reporting tool, Google Cloud also announced the preview of Earth Engine as part of GCP. The platform enables companies to track, monitor and predict changes in the Earth's surface due to extreme weather events or human-caused activities, thus helping them save on operational costs, mitigate and better manage risks, and become more resilient to climate change threats.

The company says it is bringing the best of Google together by extending Earth Engine's powerful platform to enterprises via Google Cloud.

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