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Instagram algorithm change: Users left scratching heads in confusion

The social media giant Facebook has not yet confirmed any Instagram algorithm change for September 2019 but users are confident that it has been updated.

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Updated: 18-09-2019 13:32 IST
Instagram algorithm change: Users left scratching heads in confusion

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Facebook-owned Instagram has become so big that it can make or break careers these days and many users that rely on it have recently been scratching their heads amid rumors about an "Instagram algorithm change" in September 2019. Many users and even big influencers have said that engagement on their posts has fallen drastically and especially now that it is a source of income for many, it has certainly left a significant portion of its user base concerned.

It all started around the last weekend when many influencers and users started complaining that engagement (likes and even reach) on their posts has fallen by more than half. Although Facebook or Instagram have not confirmed any algorithm change for September 2019, meme accounts, influencers, and popular users immediately panicked and turned to the good old way of asking people to "turn on notifications."

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"Turn on notifications" for Instagram algorithm change

Celebrities and influencers including Amanda Cerny (with over 26 million followers) have asked their followers to "turn on notifications", possibly due to the falling engagement. It is yet to be seen if turning on notifications can actually make people beat this Instagram algorithm change (in case there is a change).

Instagram has been the centre of many controversies this year, with frequent outages, randomly "mass-suspending" accounts among other things. But this change in Instagram algorithm might be the thing where hell will break loose because it is not just affecting small pages but also big celebrities.

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Recently, Instagram was also shaken by the widely-circulated rumor about a privacy policy change that claimed that your pictures and messages can be used in court cases unless you explicitly deny the permission to do it. It obviously turned out to be fake but sure turned a lot of heads with many celebrities sharing the rumor.