Onco.com launches Cancer Care App for Cancer Management

They will also get additional benefits via discounts and cashback, which can be utilised while making payment for future services.Speaking about the new app, Rashie Jain, CEO and Co-founder of Onco.com, said, We are excited to announce the launch of the worlds first care management app for cancer.

PTI | Bangalore | Updated: 09-04-2021 10:20 IST | Created: 09-04-2021 10:20 IST
Onco.com launches Cancer Care App for Cancer Management

BANGALORE, India, April 9, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Onco.com, one of India's leading online cancer care platform, launched the world's first cancer care app aimed at helping cancer patients and caregivers avail various services through their phone. The app, Onco Cancer Care, allows patients and caregivers to book and manage their appointments and treatments, and also chat with their care manager for any queries.

Cancer patients can now completely manage their treatment journey through the app. They can book online and in-person consultations with top oncologists across the country. They can also book diagnostic tests and avail an online opinion from a panel of experienced oncologists.

The app intends to reduce the waiting time for patients at hospitals and clinics by allowing them to make online payments for consultations and treatment. They will also get additional benefits via discounts and cashback, which can be utilised while making payment for future services.

Speaking about the new app, Rashie Jain, CEO and Co-founder of Onco.com, said, ''We are excited to announce the launch of the world's first care management app for cancer. Onco.com has been a pioneer in providing end-to-end care management services to cancer patients and now these services will also be made available on the app. Through the chat feature of the app, cancer patients can communicate with their care managers anytime of the day and get real-time guidance on their concerns. The app also allows users to share their test reports or other medical documents with the care manager to receive a comprehensive opinion from a panel of expert oncologists from across India and the US. The launch brings us a step closer to our patients and strengthens our vision towards becoming their trusted partner in their treatment journey. The app is currently available for download on both Google Play Store and App Store.'' Dr Amit Jotwani, Co-founder and Chief Medical Officer, Onco.com, said, ''Every cancer journey is tough, and it requires more than doctors and hospitals to sail through safely and successfully. Cancer patients struggle with unresolved questions and concerns about their condition on a daily basis, while they get only a few minutes with their treating doctors once in a few weeks. The Onco Cancer Care app helps them get real-time personalized answers including report interpretations, side effects support, medical second opinions etc, on a continuous basis, through uninterrupted medical, nutritional and psychological support all along the treatment journey, from the comfort of their homes.'' The burden of cancer is increasing globally, and in India, an estimated 1.45 million new cases of cancer were diagnosed in 2019 alone. Online healthcare has seen a massive growth owing to the pressing demand for digital access to doctors and medical services during the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly for cancer patients, for whom delays in treatment can have severe consequences.

The company plans to add video call consultation over the app, making it easier for patients to discuss their case and treatment with the oncologist. Also a content and community section will feature on the app in future. This is to provide useful tips to patients on post-treatment care, and also to connect cancer patients with survivors who have been through a similar experience.

One can download the app here For any queries related to cancer treatment, one can contact a care manager from Onco.com on 79965 79965 or can visit https://onco.com/.

About Onco.com: Onco.com is an online cancer platform offering cutting edge treatment advice and care management to cancer patients. Through its network of 1500+ oncologists, 500+ hospitals and labs, Onco.com allows cancer patients to get personalized advice and embark on their treatment journey with more confidence.

In addition to the 'Call Onco' service, which allows cancer patients and caregivers to teleconsult with top oncologists, Onco.com also offers the following services: Onco Tumor Board: This opinion is offered in the form of a report and comprises advice from a multi-disciplinary panel of oncologists (usually 2-3 specialists). The report is an exhaustive review of the patient's condition and offers cutting-edge scientific treatment advice as well as answers to specific questions that the patient or their family may have. Patients can get this opinion from Indian as well as US-based oncologists who are carefully chosen experts in specific cancer types.

• Onco Connect: Onco.com also books priority appointments at discounted prices with relevant senior oncologists, treatment centers, and diagnostic labs with standard accreditations to ensure the best quality of care.

• Onco Care Management: Every patient gets lifelong care management support where they are mapped to a care manager who helps them navigate through their treatment journey with ease. Patients have access to Onco.com's care team as well as oncologists and have access to information and the right advice at every step. This is a subscription service that is currently offered for free.

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