Plans for a Second Airport in Bengaluru: Meeting Held by Karnataka Minister

Karnataka Minister M B Patil conducted a meeting to discuss plans for constructing a second airport in Bengaluru. Emphasizing the need for the new airport due to the projected increase in passenger and freight traffic, Patil directed officials to prepare a feasibility report while considering existing contractual limitations and future capacity demands.

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Plans for a Second Airport in Bengaluru: Meeting Held by Karnataka Minister
M B Patil

Karnataka Minister for Infrastructure Development, M B Patil, held a pivotal meeting regarding the construction of a second airport for Bengaluru as the city continues to grow rapidly.

Attendees included Manjula, the Secretary of the Infrastructure Development Department. Patil emphasized the need for a feasibility report to be prepared for the new airport, as highlighted in an official release from the Minister's office.

Bengaluru International Airport ranks as the third busiest in the country, behind Delhi and Mumbai, handling 37.5 million passengers and over 400,000 tonnes of cargo last year. The Minister underscored the importance of the new airport to handle the anticipated increase in passenger traffic and freight in the coming years.

With the current contract prohibiting the establishment of another airport within a 150-kilometer radius until 2033, the Minister stressed the urgency of starting preparations now, particularly due to the projected peak capacity of the current airport by 2033 and maximum cargo handling capacity by 2040.

Highlighting the extensive time required for land acquisition and compensation for landowners, Patil noted the necessity to start work on the second airport promptly. He also pointed out the broader benefits, including the development of an industrial ecosystem beyond Bengaluru.

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