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WEC24: Alfanar aims to provide 4-5 GW of Clean Energy by 2025, Says Khalid Al Solami

Khalid Al Solami is the Vice President-Sales & Marketing of Alfanar, one of the prominent exhibitors in WEC24. alfanar is primarily engaged in manufacturing electrical construction products, EPC solutions for conventional and renewable power plants, allied engineering services and design engineering. It has built up an international presence throughout much of the Middle East, Asia, Africa, and Europe.

Parag NarangParag Narang
Updated: 13-09-2019 20:54 IST
WEC24: Alfanar aims to provide 4-5 GW of Clean Energy by 2025, Says Khalid Al Solami

Khalid Al Solami, Vice President-Sales & Marketing, Alfanar. Image Credit: Alfanar

Alfanar, an exhibitor in WEC 24, aims to provide 4-5 GW of Clean Energy to the world by 2025. Devdiscourse catches up with Vice President-Sales & Marketing of Alfanar Mr. Khalid Al Solami for a brief interaction on his vision, achievements and future strategies of the company particularly on clean energy which has been adopted as SDG 7 by the United Nations for the year 2030 and his expectations from the 24th World Energy Congress 2019. The Edited Excerpts:

Q.1. How are you preparing to attend the World Energy Congress 2019 in Abu Dhabi?

Solami: We are privileged to have the opportunity to be part of the Pavilion of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where we will demonstrate our capabilities and initiatives that embrace the Kingdom's 2030 Vision in the development of renewable and sustainable energy as an alternative source of energy.

Q.2. How do you think your or/ and your organization's/company's idea/ vision could make a change in the energy sector in line with the SDGs 2030 set up by the United Nations?

Solami: Alfanar's strategic priority is to look at new markets, new geographies, and disruptive technologies to ensure that Alfanar continues its growth and that the opportunities that are in sync with the strategy are explored. Alfanar's future strategy is built around our responsibility of developing a sustainable world for current and future generations. We will maximize our potential to contribute a minimum of 4-5 GW installed capacity of clean power to the world by 2025.

To achieve these targets, we are establishing new business verticals in the power and infrastructure development the sector, investing in developing disruptive technologies for the energy sector and also creating partnerships with industry peers, financial institutions, government and regulatory bodies at both a domestic level as well as on the global stage.

Q.3. What has been technical and practical feasibility of your company's innovation?

Solami: Our prowess is manifested in being one of the fastest emerging renewable energy developers while maintaining sustainable environmental and human integrity. With the establishment of our new business lines, which aims at the development of other infrastructures such as education and healthcare highlight our commitment to social responsibility through innovation. Alfanar fosters and develops innovative technologies and solutions that advance the development and expansion of the renewable energy sector in an environmentally conscious manner.

Q.4. What have been your/ your company's/ organizations achievements so far?

Solami: Alfanar, in its role as an EPC contractor and manufacturer of electrical products, has catered to the ever-growing demand of the energy and infrastructure sectors. Alfanar is an industry leader, that has constructed strong brand equity through project execution excellence and product reliability. We recognized that global developments have created considerable opportunities that have a synergy with Alfanar's vision and inherent project execution capabilities; given the business similarities, this was a natural business diversification for Alfanar. As the next step in our diversification we setup another division, Alfanar Global Development, to lead Alfanar's foray into the renewable energy business. Alfanar Global Development's current renewable energy portfolio exceeds 1.3 GW and is spread across Saudi Arabia, Egypt, UK, Spain, India, and Bangladesh.

Moreover, Alfanar has built a well-established network of manufacturing units around the world which produce a wide range of high-quality electrical construction products for renewable and conventional power. We have implemented the latest technologies for developing innovative products and solutions to satisfy our clients worldwide, thereby improving the quality of human life through the power of excellence.

Q.5. What is your business strategy for further expansions?

Solami: As a leading power sector organization, we are cognizant of the responsibility that we have towards our environment. Alfanar's future strategic plan is built around our responsibility of developing a sustainable world for current and future generations. We will maximize our potential to contribute a minimum of 4-5 GW installed capacity of clean power to the world by 2025.

Q.6. What are your expectations from the 24th World Energy Congress 2019?

Solami: The 24th World Energy Congress is an ideal platform for Alfanar to meet and engage industry stakeholders and professionals to learn more about the specific challenges they face. Identifying potential partnerships, and collaborating with government, industry, and the scientific community in an effort to address the challenges that will determine Alfanar Global Development's role.

Alfanar will learn about the developments underway, investigate potential partnerships and engage in dialogue to understand the industry needs and offers our resources and solutions to mitigate the impact of these challenges on the energy sector.

The discussions held and the policies set during the Congress will have a significant role in Alfanar Global Development's strategic plan. Being involved in the Congress and having firsthand knowledge of the latest information will enable us to set realistic targets for the implementation of our strategic plan and the direction the company will take towards providing sustainable renewable energy and byproducts.

Thank you.

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