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WEC24: RatedPower CEO explains how their software can accelerate energy transition

RatedPower's Co-founder and CEO Andrea Barber is excited about 24th World Energy Congress and is ready to showcase the capabilities of software developed by her company in simplifying the detailed analysis required to develop a solar photovoltaic energy plant.

Parag NarangParag Narang
Updated: 13-09-2019 21:06 IST
WEC24: RatedPower CEO explains how their software can accelerate energy transition

Andrea Barber, Co-founder and CEO, RatedPower. Image Credit: RatedPower

Andrea Barber is the Co-founder and CEO of RatedPower, an exhibitor at the 24th World Energy Congress. The company claims that its cloud-based software (SaaS) can simplify the detailed analysis required to develop a solar photovoltaic energy plant, to an extent that it can transform 4 weeks of work can into 4 minutes. Andrea Barber will also be featured as a speaker talking about "Refuelling the talent pipeline" and will also participate in the exclusive World Energy Leaders' Summit CEO Roundtable. The Edited Excerpts:

Q. 1. How do you feel to be part of the World Energy Congress 2019?

Barber: RatedPower couldn't be more honoured to participate for the first time at the 24th World Energy Congress in Abu Dhabi. There will be many opportunities to discuss synergies within the energy sector around the world. We are looking forward to presenting our technology to major stakeholders from across the globe and meeting new strategic partners who can assist us with our goal to make solar more accessible to everyone. I also will be featured as a speaker talking about "Refuelling the talent pipeline" and I will participate in the exclusive World Energy Leaders' Summit CEO Roundtable. We're very excited!

Q.2. How do you think your or/ and your organization's vision/innovation could make a change in the energy sector in the line to the SDGs 2030 set up by the United Nations?

Barber: Our aim is to accelerate the energy transition and make solar energy the first world source. Before building a new solar plant a detailed study of the area where it is to be built needs to be carried out. These studies take five weeks to complete. This process can now be done in less than 5 minutes thanks to RatedPower's technology: the software pvDesign.

Energy access is increasingly seen as a vital catalyst to wider social and economic development, enabling education, health, and sustainable agriculture. Energy for productive uses is particularly important to enable local business innovation and create a more vibrant economy for communities and countries. Universal access to electricity and cleaner cooking fuels and stoves can be achieved by 2030 but requires innovative solutions like ours. We are delighted to contribute and be part of a better and more sustainable ecosystem.

If only 1 of every 200 projects studied by our software pvDesign was annually installed, the energy generated by these projects would be of 6300 GWh, which is equivalent to the electricity consumption of 1.8 million houses. This results in an annual reduction of 3 million tons of CO2 and an annual decrease of 3.7 million oil barrels!

Q.3. What have been your/ your company's/ organizations achievements so far?

Barber: Our software pvDesign is the leading software to design and engineer utility-scale Photovoltaic Plants with 1000+ GW optimized worldwide. Currently, pvDesign from RatedPower, has been used in more than 90 countries by our customers, and we have simulated more than 1.000GW. Let's fight together for a sustainable planet!

Q.4. What is your business strategy for further expansion?

Barber: Our software pvDesign was conceived to work worldwide. We use international standards and our goal is to expand globally. We started acting in the markets we knew better, and where we had industry contacts like the European and Latin American. Nowadays we have customers in 6 continents and one of our priority markets is the UAE. That is why we are so grateful for the opportunity to be here. Regarding the product itself, we have a very ambitious roadmap for the future, with a lot of new features and developments we want to include in the software, always driven by our innovative mindset and the support of our customers.

Q.5. What are your expectations from the 24th World Energy Congress 2019?

Barber: The United Arab Emirates is a strategic market for us, where we have very precious customers. Since RatedPower was created we have been committed to playing a key role in ensuring that the future global energy demand is met. Participating in this event will bring together the most influential energy professionals, industry stakeholders, and experts, vital components for a better future. We expect to make contacts with potential partners, current and new customers, as well as discussing measures and actions with key industry players, to build a better future, where there is more affordable, cleaner and more efficient energy for all.

Thank you.

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