One Punch Man Chapter 138’s cover art shows Pig God eating a large creature

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One Punch Man Chapter 138’s cover art shows Pig God eating a large creature
The title of One Punch Man Chapter 138 is ‘Unparalleled Appetite’. Image Credit: Facebook / One Punch Man

The release date of One Punch Man Chapter 138 is yet to be confirmed but the manga lovers believe it will be out in this week. The Christmas and New Year breaks are already gone and there is no such big reason for delay except the ongoing pandemic situation.

The manga readers are filled with enthusiasm to see many interesting things in One Punch Man Chapter 138 as Chapter 137 had some big information on the No. 1 hero 'Blast'. Fans have always expressed their curiosity on this character ever since his first mention during the S-Class meeting. Now the manga lovers are speculating the increased reference to Blast in the recent chapters.

The manga lovers has seen Blast having many superpowers and one of them may include mind-reading as he was able to look in Tatsumaki's head and see her painful childhood memories. There are also theories that Blast and Saitama are connected and some even say that they are the same person.

On the other hand, the cover art of One Punch Man Chapter 138 portrays the picture of Pig God eating a monster type of creature. The cover art also reflects his powers and other things like his ability to eat and digest anything. He has the ability to defeat the strongest of his foes.

One Punch Man Chapter 138's cover art also contains the text, "I think it's time for the Final course. Are you guys hungry?" Fans are now worried if the manga story arc is about to finish.

According to BlockToro, the title of One Punch Man Chapter 138 is 'Unparalleled Appetite'. It means, Pig God could actually make its way in the storyline. The manga enthusiasts can see an inevitable fight between Saitama and Blast and there may be some sort of connection between them.

One Punch Man Chapter 138 is likely to enlighten more about Blast and there could be another flashback involved. It is highly expected to go to the opposite way where Murata teases things about Blast to maintain the mystery alive.

One Punch Man Chapter 138 is expected to be out on Sunday, January 10. You can read it on VIZ media, MangaPlus and Shonen Jump official websites and platforms. But you are suggested to wait for the official release of the English version of the imminent chapter. Stay tuned to Devdiscourse to get the latest updates on the Japanese manga releases.

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