One Piece Chapter 1002 delayed till Jan-end, Rocks D Xebec is alive, hiding in Wanokuni

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One Piece Chapter 1002 delayed till Jan-end, Rocks D Xebec is alive, hiding in Wanokuni
One Piece Chapter 1002 could either continue the Supernovas vs Yonkos fight or shift the focus to the rest of the matchups. Image Credit: Facebook / One Piece

The manga enthusiasts are quite disappointed with the long gap between One Piece Chapter 1001 and 1002. The upcoming chapter will bring many interesting things for the manga lovers. The Wano Arc continues to get more thrilling and exciting. Read further to know what you can see in the upcoming chapter.

The spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1002 are expected to be out on Tuesday, January 26. The leaks so far claim Eustass Kid and Rocks D Xebec are related by blood. While most of the time, the early OP spoilers are fake, there have been several instances when things turned out to be true.

The leaks in support of One Piece Chapter 1002 reveal that Rocks D Xebec is alive and hiding in Wanokuni, Kidd wants to invite Rocks to an alliance, Kidd and Rock are related to each other, they could be father and son or uncle or nephew something.

One Piece Chapter 1002 is going to be delayed and is likely to be officially available on Sunday, January 31. The hiatus among the chapters is common in the wake of coronavirus pandemic. The publisher needs to follow strict guidelines in order to restrict the spread of coronavirus in Japan.

Sanji needs to get out from Black Maria's spider-web in One Piece Chapter 1002 and help Luffy in the fight against Kaido and Big Mom. Sanji has been caught in a web by Black Maria and since he doesn't hit women, someone needs to save him soon. There is no way Sanji will spend his time hanging from a web and he needs to fight some powerful enemies such as King, Queen, or Page One.

One Piece Chapter 1002 could either continue the Supernovas vs Yonkos fight or shift the focus to the rest of the matchups. According to BlockToro, it makes no sense to have two chapters in a row dedicated to a single fight, but then again it is one of the most epic battles to take place in the manga story.

One Piece Chapter 1002 is scheduled to be out on Sunday, January 31, 2021. You can read the released chapters on VIZ media, MangaPlus and Shonen Jump official websites and platforms. Stay tuned to Devdiscourse to get the latest updates on the Japanese manga releases.

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