One Piece Chapter 1042 to introduce Road Poneglyph!

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One Piece Chapter 1042 to introduce Road Poneglyph!
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The Japanese manga One Piece is created by Eiichiro Oda and has been serialized in Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump in July 1997. It has crossed 1000 chapters and currently focusing on One Piece Chapter 1042.

In the Wano country arc, Luffy is continuing his battle against the emperor of Kaidou to save his country. He is approaching toward victory. The upcoming installment, One Piece Chapter 1042 is all set to describe the climax of the battle. Fans are waiting to see what would be the final moments of the Onigashima raid.

The raw scans would surface two or three days before its release. It will also drop at different times worldwide so that global audiences can go through it at their convenient times.

One Piece Chapter 1042 spoilers

Readers will be introduced with Road Poneglyph in One Piece Chapter 1042. Poneglyphs are massive cubic steles made of a currently unidentified, indestructible type of stone. They have an ancient script carved onto them, usually on one of their six sides. There are three types of Poneglyphs, namely Historical Poneglyphs, Instructional Poneglyphs, and Road Poneglyphs.

They all are scattered among the islands across the world, Nico Robin is the only person in the world who can read them. Road Poneglyphs are red while the others are of dark-blue color.

One Piece Chapter 1042 will reveal more mystery about Luffy's father, Monkey D Dragon. The dragon seems to be the guardian of the last Road Poneglyph, noted Pikiran Rakyat in the Indonesian media.

We could also know why Dragon has a suspicious tattoo on his face in One Piece Chapter 1042. Seemingly, the tattoo is the image of Shimotsuki Ryuma. He also has that image on his clothes. The tattoo depicts the god of the sword.

In addition, the World Government wanted Luffy to be removed from the war immediately because Gorousei is afraid of Luffy's Devil Fruit awakening. The discussion between Gorousei, the Five Star Elders continues. Gorousei are discussing how to catch the pillar of the Straw Hats Pirates, Nicco Robin. They are also talking about the Devil Fruit, which has been given another name.

Moreover, World Government is very worried if the history of the Void Century which is most likely contained in Road Poneglyphs and One Piece is revealed. One Piece Chapter 1042 will showcase Dragon, and Koala will have a suspicious conversation. At that time Koala asked if Dragon was familiar with a special metal called Drunken Iron Ore.

Dragon is familiar with the main ingredients for making Poneglyphs. Koala confirms some of the countries can produce weapons from these materials.

In one Piece Chapter 1042, we could also see Dragon is planning to meet his son Luffy. The upcoming chapter will also show different story angles.

One Piece Chapter 1042 will release on March 6, 2022. You can read the manga chapters online for free from Shonen Jump, Viz Media, and Manga Plus apps and websites. Stay tuned to Devdiscourse to get the latest updates on Japanese manga chapters.

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