Tokyo Revengers Chapter 244: The battle begins in Old Cargo Bay!

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Tokyo Revengers Chapter 244: The battle begins in Old Cargo Bay!
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Tokyo Revengers Chapter 244 is highly expected, as the new Tokyo Manji gang has been established and all the preparations are mostly complete. The final struggle between the Kanto Manji Gang and the second-generation Tokyo Manji Gang is about to begin. It's time for Takemichi to actively declare war on Mikey! Before revealing the spoilers of Tokyo Revengers Chapter 244, here's a short recap of what happened so far.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 243

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 243 begins with Kokonoi, a Kantou Manji gang member official and advisor, informing Mikey that Tokyo Manji Gang the Second Generation of Toman has challenged them to a big fight with Takemichi as their president.

Mikey grinds his teeth and answered that he knew Takemichi would return one day. Mikey make a grand announcement that the final battle between both the opposing rivalries will take place on September 9.

In the chapter, we have also introduced some members of the Kanto Manji Gang namely Koko, Sanzu Haruchiyo, Kakucho, and Haitani Ran who are the captains of defense troops and special task forces. The ship's commanding officers Mochizuki Kanji (Mocchi) and Madarame Shion, with Haitani Rindo are chosen to serve as the deputy captain of the vessel. The commando unit included Arashi Keiko (Benkei) and Hanma Shuji, with Imaushi Wakasa as captain.

Before the day of the war, Hina and Takemichi talked with each other. Both felt emotional but Hina always supports his work. Takemichi is scared and cries out to Hina. Hina forces him to tell his sentiments rather than burying them. Then he could feel better and release all his pain and frustration. He holds the four-leaf clover necklace Hina gifted him and prepares himself.

Takemichi promises her that he will come back, and she promises to wait for him.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 244

Mikey is concerned that Takemichi can take a big step against him. Despite the fear, Mikey determined to confront the rivalry in Tokyo Revengers Chapter 244. It's time for Takemichi to actively declare war on Mikey!

The Second Generation of Toman and the Kantou Manji Gang both leave for the Old Cargo Bay. Takemichi might ride the bike that Mikey gifted him when he joined Toman and thus mentally challenge Mikey. Since the story of the manga is in its final arc, Tokyo Revengers Chapter 244 is a highly anticipated chapter. Fans are waiting to see how the fight in Old Cargo Bay unfolds.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 244 will be released on March 1, 2022. Fans can read the manga chapters on Kodansha's official website, but they would have to pay to read the latest chapters of Tokyo Revengers. Stay tuned to Devdiscourse to get updates on Japanese manga chapters.

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