Alita: Battle Angel 2 & 3: Everything you need to know

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Alita: Battle Angel 2 & 3: Everything you need to know
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Since its 2019 premiere, "Alita: Battle Angel" has secured a prominent place in the hearts of fans globally. While the first film had its fair share of both acclaim and controversy, the fervor for a sequel never dwindled. Now, in a recent twist, not only is "Alita: Battle Angel 2" making headlines but talks about a third installment have also emerged.

James Cameron, the brilliant mind behind blockbusters like "Avatar," while discussing the reasons for selling his California mansion to Forbes, dropped hints about the future of "Alita." Cameron stated, "And on 'Avatar,' I’m working in Wellington and Los Angeles. And on the new 'Alita: Battle Angel' films, I’ll be working in Austin, so it just didn’t make sense for us anymore.”

This seemingly innocuous comment provides a more profound insight. It signifies that Cameron, together with other creatives, is actively thinking about the future of the Alita franchise. However, the official stand of Disney, which owns 20th Century Studios (the studio behind Alita), remains ambiguous. There hasn't been a concrete announcement about the "Alita: Battle Angel" sequels.

The original film, based on the Japanese manga "Gunnm" (known as "Battle Angel Alita" in English) by Yukito Kishiro, was brought to the big screen by director Robert Rodriguez. It garnered a lukewarm response at the box office, grossing around $405 million. This figure, while not indicating a blockbuster, showcases that the movie recovered its production costs. Yet, the path towards its sequels has been muddled, especially after Disney's acquisition of 20th Century Studios.

One might wonder, given the first film's financial performance, why there's buzz around not just one but two sequels? The answer lies in the movie's fervent fanbase and the industry's changing dynamics. Cameron's recent triumph with "Avatar: The Way of Water" gives more weight to his words, hinting that things might be shaping up for Alita's return.

There's also the speculation that the approach for "Alita: Battle Angel 2 and 3" might mirror the Avatar franchise strategy. Filming the sequels back-to-back could be a financially viable move, especially given the technological requirements and the evolving storyline. However, it does raise eyebrows as the success of a third film would typically rely on the performance of its predecessor.

While the road ahead is filled with uncertainties, including a potential release post-2028 after Avatar 5, one thing is clear: the world of "Alita: Battle Angel" isn't fading into oblivion anytime soon. We promise to keep our readers updated with every new development on this front. Stay with us for the latest on Alita's cinematic journey!

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