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One Piece Chapter 928 Spoilers: Orochi ate devil fruit? Sanji-Queen’s battle in Wano Country arc

Devdiscourse News Desk tokyo Japan
Updated: 11-12-2018 20:29 IST
One Piece Chapter 928 Spoilers: Orochi ate devil fruit? Sanji-Queen’s battle in Wano Country arc

‘One Piece’ Chapter 928 will see Orochi sending assassins after the Strawhat crew (Image Credit: YouTube / One Piece)

'One Piece' Chapter 928 will highlight more about Orochi, the present Shogun of Wano County and also a strong ally of Kaido. Our previous article on Chapter 927 showed the silhouette form of Orochi having the appearance of a 'Yamata no Orochi'. He was depicted as a five-headed dragon.

In the upcoming 'One Piece' Chapter 928, fans will be flabbergasted to see Orochi sending assassins after the Strawhat crew. However, as far as Orochi's typical appearance (five-headed dragon) is concerned, it is still not clear how he got this form. Fans are expecting that he might have consumed a Devil Fruit, which has changed his structure. Meanwhile, Orochi is likely not be involved with any conflict as his Shogun's banquet is on the verge to start.

In the previous chapter, we had also seen Orochi the Shogun had an eye on Komurasaki. He was also seen making a plan to make her fall in love with him at the banquet night. In the upcoming chapter, this part, between Orochi and Komurasaki, is expected to be solved.

The anime aficionados are expecting 'One Piece' Chapter 928 to be explosive. So many good chapters in Wano so far and we are eager to see who Komurasaki is. The interesting characters like Robin, Franky and Usopp were visible in the chapter, whereas Sanji involved into action quickly and got triumph over one of his foes. Kyoushiro was later informed about Franky's action who also beautifully defeated one more enemy. But Kyoushiro didn't confront to combat the Strawhats directly.

In the upcoming chapter of the globally-acclaimed anime, Sanji will end up fighting Queen in the Wano Country arc. He should not have any trouble in the battle as he belongs to the assassin's clan. Fans may get to see Luffy and Kid once again including Raizou who will be seen giving all efforts to save Luffy.

As far as the returning of 'One Piece' Chapter 928 is concerned, we will have to wait for few more days as the manga is likely to a short hiatus for Christmas and New Year. The new chapter is expected to be released on Friday, January 4, 2019.