Climate Activists Arrested for ‘Vandalism’ at Stonehenge Ahead of Summer Solstice

Two climate protesters were arrested for spraying orange paint on Stonehenge. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak condemned the act as ‘vandalism.’ The incident occurred before the summer solstice celebration. Just Stop Oil claimed responsibility, stating their actions were a response to the Labour Party's manifesto.

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Climate Activists Arrested for ‘Vandalism’ at Stonehenge Ahead of Summer Solstice
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Two climate protesters were arrested Wednesday for spraying orange paint on the ancient Stonehenge monument in southern England, police confirmed.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak swiftly condemned the act as a 'disgraceful act of vandalism.' The incident comes just ahead of the summer solstice celebration, expected to draw thousands to the 4,500-year-old stone circle.

English Heritage, the organization responsible for managing the site, expressed deep concern and noted that curators are currently assessing the damage. Just Stop Oil, the activist group behind the protest, claimed on social media that the paint was cornstarch-based and would dissolve in the rain.

Wiltshire Police said the two individuals were arrested on suspicion of damaging the world-famous prehistoric monument, which is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Stonehenge, constructed in phases beginning 5,000 years ago on Salisbury Plain, features a unique arrangement of stones dating back to around 2,500 B.C. The origins of some stones remain a mystery.

Just Stop Oil is part of a wider movement across Europe that has garnered attention and controversy for disruptive actions aimed at highlighting climate change issues. These include interruptions of sporting events and the defacement of notable artworks.

The latest protest was a reaction to the Labour Party's recent election manifesto. Labour, currently leading in polls, has proposed to halt new licenses for oil and gas exploration if they win the July 4 election. Just Stop Oil supports this moratorium but insists it should be more stringent, calling for a fossil fuel phase-out by 2030.

'Continuing to burn coal, oil, and gas will result in the death of millions,' the group warned in a statement.

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