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Trump to confer written responses in defamation suit, says US media

Updated: 10-09-2018 00:58 IST

US President Donald Trump will provide sworn written responses in a defamation suit filed by a woman who accused him of groping her, according to US media reported Sunday.

Summer Zervos, who was a contestant on Trump's former reality TV show "The Apprentice," filed a lawsuit in 2017 that claims Trump lied when responding to her allegations that he forcibly kissed and groped her in 2007.

Lawyers for the two sides agreed to exchange "written answers and objections" by September 28, The Washington Post reported, citing a court document.

Zervos and several other women who made similar allegations came forward after a 2005 videotape of Trump bragging about groping women surfaced in early October.

The president-elect claimed his comments on the tape were "locker-room banter," and denounced the sex assault allegations as lies and fabricated stories.

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