Mukhya Mantri Samipeshu Programme Delivers Swift Assistance to Citizens

The Mukhya Mantri Samipeshu (MMS) programme, initiated on April 12, 2023, has successfully processed 29 initiatives and received 627 applications. With high efficiency in resolving financial and medical assistance requests, the programme underscores the Tripura government's commitment to providing timely aid, leaving minimal pending cases.

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Mukhya Mantri Samipeshu Programme Delivers Swift Assistance to Citizens
Tripura Chief Minister Manik Saha. (Photo/X@DrManikSaha2). Image Credit: ANI
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The Mukhya Mantri Samipeshu (MMS) programme, launched on April 12, 2023, has made substantial strides in aiding citizens, as per recent data released by the Government of Tripura on Wednesday. The initiative has effectively handled 29 projects and received 627 applications since its start.

Demonstrating notable success in financial assistance, all 121 cases have been resolved without any pending applications. In the realm of medical referrals, all 153 cases directed to the MS GBP Hospital and 61 cases referred to the Cancer Hospital were successfully resolved. Regarding social welfare and pension issues, the programme addressed 63 cases, resolving 58, with a mere five cases pending. Moreover, the MMS programme forwarded 229 cases to other departments, resolving 227, leaving just two pending applications.

Overall, the MMS programme has shown efficiency and promptness in addressing applicants' needs. The swift resolution of financial and medical requests showcases the Tripura government's dedication to providing timely aid. The programme's ability to maintain minimal pending cases reflects an organised approach to application management.

Tapas Roy, Secretary of Social Welfare and Social Education, explained, "We provide a foster pension of Rs 4000 per month to children not kept with family, up to 18 years or a maximum of 3 years. Financial aid is also offered to medical patients of any age through Mukhya Mantri Samipeshu, as well as children from financially disadvantaged backgrounds." Dr Sankar Chakraborty, MS, AGMC and GBP Hospital, added, "Mukhya Mantri Samipeshu began almost 1-1.5 years ago, allowing people to directly meet with our CM, Dr Manik Saha, to discuss their issues and seek relief. Most applications pertain to medical assistance from the CM."

Dr Shiramani Debbarma, MS, Atal Bihari Vajpayee Regional Cancer Institute, noted, "Patients from various regions come to Mukhya Mantri Samipeshu for benefits. We collectively address their issues alongside the Chief Minister, who attends Samipeshu once a week. About 6-7 cancer patients benefit each session." Rachana Saha's mother, a beneficiary, shared, "My daughter has been in the cancer hospital for a while, so I approached the Chief Minister for improved chemotherapy treatment. Despite my financial challenges, I applied for timely chemotherapy. The medical superintendent assured proper facilitation and timely allowance. The Chief Minister guaranteed all required actions."

Another beneficiary, Prasenjit Das, expressed, "I am eighty percent handicapped and suffer from elephantiasis lymphedema. Speaking with the Chief Minister at the Chief Minister Samipeshu event, he assured my treatment at AIIMS hospital in Delhi free of charge, using his own funds. I am grateful to our Chief Minister for taking full responsibility for my operation." (ANI)

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