Delhi Heatwave Crisis: Surge in Heatstroke Cases and Casualties

Delhi hospitals are seeing an upsurge in heatstroke cases due to a severe heatwave. Multiple hospitals have reported numerous admissions and several fatalities. The healthcare system is on high alert, employing advanced cooling technologies to treat patients, most of whom are laborers affected by extreme temperatures.

PTI | New Delhi | Updated: 19-06-2024 19:19 IST | Created: 19-06-2024 19:19 IST
Delhi Heatwave Crisis: Surge in Heatstroke Cases and Casualties
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The national capital, Delhi, is grappling with a severe heatwave, causing a significant rise in heatstroke cases, as confirmed by officials on Wednesday.

Reports from Centre-run RML Hospital indicate that 22 patients have been admitted in the past two days, resulting in five fatalities and around 12 to 13 individuals requiring ventilator support.

A new dedicated heatstroke unit has been established at the hospital to provide immediate cooling. Patients' core body temperatures are monitored, and if necessary, they are treated in ice baths before being either stabilized or moved to ventilators.

Similar troubling trends are observed at Safdarjung and LNJP Hospitals, with several admissions and casualties reported. Safdarjung Hospital alone has reported 60 heatstroke cases, including six fatalities.

Sir Ganga Ram Hospital's outpatient department is handling between 30 and 35 heatstroke-related cases weekly. Dr. Atul Kakar emphasized the need for public awareness about heat safety measures such as hydration and avoiding peak sun hours.

Besides heatstroke, rising temperatures are exacerbating cases of lupus, a complex autoimmune disease. Prolonged exposure to heat is triggering more flare-ups among those affected, particularly women aged 15 to 45.

The severity of the heatwave is underscored by record-breaking temperatures, with Delhi experiencing its warmest night in 12 years and day temperatures significantly higher than average.

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