Haryana CM Advocates Yoga for a Healthier Society

Haryana Chief Minister Nayab Singh Saini encouraged the public to integrate yoga into their daily routines to ward off diseases. The state plans to open 100 more 'Vyayamshalas' for supervised yoga practice. Saini highlighted the benefits of yoga during the Covid-19 crisis and its potential to build a healthier society.

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Haryana CM Advocates Yoga for a Healthier Society
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Haryana Chief Minister Nayab Singh Saini on Friday urged residents to make yoga an essential part of their daily lives to combat illnesses effectively.

Addressing a gathering in Hisar, Saini announced the state government's plan to open 'Vyayamshalas' at 100 additional locations over the next two months for daily supervised yoga practice.

'Through yoga, we can keep diseases at bay. Even during the Covid crisis, we saw immense benefits of yoga before the vaccine was available,' he stated. Saini, dressed in a white T-shirt, participated in various yoga poses during the event, joined by State's Health Minister Kamal Gupta and other participants.

International Yoga Day (IDY) celebrations were simultaneously held across Haryana.

Saini emphasized that an increasing number of people have adopted yoga into their daily routines.

He noted, 'The entire world celebrates today as a festival,' recounting how yoga guru Ramdev popularized yoga among the masses and how Prime Minister Narendra Modi introduced it to the global stage.

'Yoga fills us with positive energy, and a healthy citizenry contributes to a healthier society, which in turn accelerates development,' he added.

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